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    Legacy Software Support and Development

    Have you got a computer system that was specifically written for you that is outdated and not working with newer PC’s and Operating Systems ?

    Would you like your software which may have been written for older machines to be used on modern office PC’s ?

    Has a previous software supplier written a specific software system for you and either discontinued support or development for the software ?

    Has the software supplier you used been taken over or since ceased to exist and you feel like you have no way forwards ?

    Does your bespoke software still serve it's purpose, but you wish you had local technical support for your staff to enable you to free up more time for business ?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions – we may be able to help.


    Redwither Software can look at your existing systems, analyse them and see if there is a way of developing and supporting them for the future.

    We can look at bringing the software systems into the present day by making them compatible with current hardware, refresh tired looking screens with newer design and even provide solutions that utilise the cloud or are internet facing.

    Design and functionality of existing systems can be analysed and complete new bespoke/custom software solutions can be created based on your older software. This can be combined with new support contracts, to give your business security and peace of mind for the future.

    If you own the rights to the software and source code is available, it may be possible to for us to take the existing source code and future develop this product for you.


    When software companies cease to trade or drop support for future development, the software support role is often shifted to somebody internally and this can often overwhelm a member of staff and leave them no time to do their other roles.

    We may be able to help and provide telephone and remote support to your users across your organisation from a trusted local software company by training our staff how to use and deal with common support problems that your software produces.

    Contact us now to further discuss your needs.