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    Document and Process Management

    Companies struggling with too many unproductive meetings and too much paper don’t lack energy and brains. The data they need exists somewhere in the company in some form. They just can’t readily put their hands on it.

    Bill Gates

    Extracting data from operational processes and using it in a meaningful way has been one of the more intractable problems of business.

    Bill Gates

    Paperless Systems ?

    Filing cabinets take up valuable space in offices with contents that have to be kept for many years. Even with the best secretaries in the world, it is very difficult to easily find files and information quickly. This is a re-occurring problem for many modern day companies.

    By implementing a document management system and going paperless, we achieve many benefits over paper based systems:

  • Protect the environment - less paper is greener resulting in reduced carbon footprint
  • Capturing data from paper and indexing it makes it instantly searchable (see process management next)
  • Reduced duplication
  • Document and image revisions are easier to control
  • Recover physical office space
  • Archive facilities for legal requirement storage for “x” defined years
  • Increased document accessibility, especially if accessed by secure vpn or cloud
  • Ease of transport ie email or intranet, instead of physical posting or courier
  • More secure than a physical piece of paper which can be stolen, electronic version is held behind efficient security systems
  • Ability to use supervisor functions to do validatation on images and documents stored, to make sure they are clear when imported
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Backup security
  • Note: Paper documents can be scanned into a document management or image server, but can also be imported from external sources such as a feed of graphics files or documents.

    Process Management and Workflow Processes

    Process management defines business processes and makes business more efficient – with data and information immediately available on hand.

    Key business processes can be analysed so that when paper is captured, workflow software can guide a capture operator through a series of structured screens "lifting data" from the image or document along the way. Workflow processes can also be combined with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) so that key data is automatically captured and the data has to be just validated by the operator and not physically keyed in.

    Redwither Software also has much experience with structured form design and can advise on this so that less errors are produced when capturing, this is especially important when utilising OCR.

    Once items are captured and data acquired, key indexes are defined/setup. Redwither can provide web based and conventional GUI interfaces to allow rapid and effective retrieval based on key search criteria.

    The backbone of Redwither Software's document and image management solution is ISS2 - Image Storage System 2, designed by us from the ground up and provides secure storage and retrieval of documents and images with speed and efficiency. ISS2 is a lot more cost effective compared to all our competitors products.

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