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    Remote Data Capture/Data Outsourcing

    All modern businesses thrive upon extrapolating important and relevant data to form information which we can store and make important business decisions upon.

    The problem is that our data source can often be in the form of paper or electronic scanned items which need to be captured, stored and indexed. This process can involve many staff due to the complexities involved. This is where Redwither Software can help you – we have specialised in outsourced data capture for legal, financial and insurance companies for many years – including capture of mandate information, legal documents, insurance documents/claims and many more.

    Our previous experience and expertly trained staff enable us to accurately extract data that you specify from paper, electronic images and computer feeds via a secure VPN leased line with end to end encryption.

    Benefits to you are:

  • Considerable staff and premises cost savings
  • Scalable solutions based on volume
  • Secure remote electronic processing
  • Compressed and optimised image storage
  • Fully searchable extracted output
  • Full OCR options
  • Data validation processes included
  • No data is stored at our sites, it is all stored on your existing secure servers
  • Different Database options available
  • Archiving options for older data which is especially useful for legal requirements to keep data for extended periods of time
  • Custom electronic workflow systems can work hand in hand with the outsourcing capture
  • We can also help with intelligent form design so that data can be lifted/captured easier and make it easier for customers to fill in the forms, resulting in less errors and less resubmissions.

    Outsourced data capture by Redwither Software could save your company considerable amounts of money and allow you to utilise staff and resources elsewhere – whilst being confident that the data captured is accurate, valid and very secure. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.