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    Bespoke Software Development

    "The Key To Success"

    Many businesses at some point on their journey will look at a business process and decide “if we were to computerised this, it would save us a lot of time, money and make us much more structured”. The problem is that a lot of “off the shelf” software is not fit for purpose, this is where custom/bespoke software development becomes the key to your business success.

    Bespoke development of software allows Redwither Software to analyse the workflow and data involved in your business and tailor a solution according to your needs.

    Some bespoke software development projects we have specialised in the past include:

  • Electricity and Utilities billing systems
  • Electricity and Utilities mobile computing solutions for meter reading and appliance maintenance
  • Redwither SVS customisation to provide bespoke modules to suit individual business needs
  • Process and workflow management software
  • Document management systems covering all business sectors to help work towards paperless offices
  • Database systems accessible from the web or conventional client front ends
  • Stock control and sales systems with additional support for portable barcode scanners
  • Site management and maintenance systems – including portable terminals to record the status and health of an site such as an area of a building, scaffold etc.
  • If you think a one off tailored solution would take your business to the next level, then get in touch.